I’ve been baseball-obsessed since I was a kid.  In fact, I’d say I was about 5 when I first realized that the only way I was going to be able to communicate with my father and older brother was if I spoke the language of baseball.

From there I took to that brother’s set of APBA cards like there was no tomorrow and I imaging that if you had asked 7-year old me to name the starting lineup for any MLB team, I could have done so.

I grew up in a household about an hour south of Chicago.  (Midwesterners measure distance in time.  Not in, you know, actual distance…)  We were raised Cubs fans and while I admit to a rooting interest in that franchise, I’ve always considered myself a baseball fan first and Cubs’ fan second.  Show me there’s a game on and I’ll sit down and watch it.  There’s always at least one interesting story line to be found in any game.

I’ve had a few chances to get away from the Midwest, but keep sticking around.  It’s got its claws in me.  So I decided I’d start up a blog focused on the teams from around these parts.  In particular, those from the Senior Circuit.


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