Cubs Sweep Bucs


The Chicago Cubs fielded an outfield with only one of their Opening Day starters out there, they left 10 men on base, and Jon Lester fielded a ground ball that got stuck in his glove.

They still won on Wednesday afternoon, sweeping the Pittsburgh Pirates 6-2.

They took the three-game road series by scores of 7-2, 7-1 and 6-2.

I’ll save you the math and give you the final score: 20-5.

In six games against the Pirates and St. Louis Cardinals, the Cubs have gone 5-1.

The Pittsburgh Massacre gave the Cubs a 6 game lead in the NL Central through May 4th.

They start a four-game series at home on Thursday against the Washington Nationals, which is likely going to be billed by the national media as a potential preview of the National League Championship Series.

There’s still a long way to go, of course, but the Cubs have put up some unprecedented numbers through their 20-6 start to the season.

When your team is accomplishing things that haven’t been done since John McGraw’s mighty 1905 New York Giants squad, you’re doing alright.

Their Pythagorean record is 22-4.

Their run differential is plus-93.

In the average game, they win by 3.6 runs.

The next best is the previously mentioned Nationals, who win by an average of 1.5.

For reference, last year’s leaders were the Toronto Blue Jays, who won by an average of 1.4.

They’re walking in 13.3% of their plate appearances.  (9.2% led the league last season.)

Something’s got to give, right?


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