Walk This Way, Cubs

AR-304139696.jpgSaw this cool article on Fangraphs yesterday, exploring the Chicago Cubs walk rates relative to the league average.

Essentially, you take the team’s walk rate – walks divided by plate appearances. You then divide that by the league’s walk rate – so a number of 1 equals exactly average, higher than 1 is more than average, and less than 1 is less than average. Then multiply by 100 so your perfectly average score is 100.

The Cubs projected rate is 130, which would be good enough for 2nd best in the post-expansion era.

That article was written up before last night’s game.

They drew ten freaking walks last night.


They were projected in the article for 10.0 BB%.

Currently, they’re at 14.5%.


The league average thus far is 8.7%, giving them a BB%+ of 167, well above the 134 mark set by the 1993 Detroit Tigers.

It’s only 8 games, and they’re facing some lighter opponents in April, but still something interesting to keep an eye on.

The St. Louis Cardinals lost to the Milwaukee Brewers (seriously) when Trevor Rosenthal served up a two-run homer in a non-save situation, pitching the 9th inning in a tie game at home.

I don’t have the stomach to read any articles dissing Mike Matheny for throwing his closer in a non-save situation. I am not a Matheny fan, but there’s nothing wrong with what he did.

I abhor the save statistic and I abhor the thought that “closers” can only pitch in save situations.

I’d rather see my best arms throwing in the highest leverage situations and if that means burning them in the 8th inning, so be it.

Also, tie game at home in the 9th inning? There will literally never be a save situation from that point forward. You’re not allowed to throw him at any point in the game now?


The news feeds were cluttered with injury news since yesterday.

Jung Ho Kang is expected back in just another week or two, where he’ll take over third base duties for the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Excited to see big Cardinals pitching prospect Marco Gonzales finally make it to the Big Leagues? You’re out of lock. Gonzales is out for the season with Tommy John surgery. This is the third injury to his left arm that he’s suffered in the last 12 months.

The Cincinnati Reds Zack Cozart and Devin Mesoraco are hoping to return soon and help guide the team to a 72-90 season.

And Cubs “leftfielder” slash “catcher” Kyle Schwarber is planning to hang around the team throughout his rehab from major knee injuries that are sidelining him for the remainder of the season. Utility-man-in-the-making Javier Baez is expected to be promoted soon as he rehabs from a thumb injury.


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