Schwarber Suffers Knee Injury


Right about the time Chicago Cubs left fielder Kyle Schwarber was colliding with center fielder Dexter Fowler on a fly ball to the gap in left-center, I was heading to my laundry room to transfer clothes from the washer to the dryer.

When I was still 25 feet away from the laundry room and stepped into a puddle of water, I knew my night of watching baseball was over.

The rest of the night is a blur of wet vacs, mops and bare feet.

I’m headed out East for a business trip where I’ll hope to catch a Red Sox game with some locals.

Enjoy this weekend’s games, everybody. Of interest for me is whether the Pittsburgh Pirates will stop the Cincinnati Reds in a battle of 3-0 teams, whether the St. Louis Cardinals can start to right the ship against weaker teams after an 0-3 start and how the Cubs manage the Schwarber injury. Also, their lineup… It’s early, but that could be a record-breaking squad. Good stuff.


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