2015 Trade Deadline (Updated 3:36 PM CT)

The Cubs acquired RP Tommy Hunter late at the deadline.

The Cubs acquired RP Tommy Hunter late at the deadline.

A couple of last minute deals in.

The Pittsburgh Pirates dealt with the Los Angeles Dodgers, acquiring 1B/LF Michael Morse in exchange for OF Jose Tabata.

The Bucs also dealt with the Seattle Mariners, acquiring SP J.A. Happ.

The Chicago Cubs dealt with the Baltimore Orioles, acquiring RP Tommy Hunter in exchange for OF Junior Lake.

Also, check out Fangraphs.com for a look at the Milwaukee Brewers haul of prospects. Read it here.

Here’s an updated list of deals made this past week:

St. Louis Cardinals
Traded for RF/1B Brandon Moss with the Cleveland Indians.
Traded for RP Steve Cishek with the Miami Marlins, sending #88 prospect LHP Rob Kaminsky.
Traded for RP Jonathan Broxton with the Milwaukee Brewers.

Pittsburgh Pirates
Traded for 3B Aramis Ramirez with the Milwaukee Brewers.
Purchased P Joe Blanton from the Kansas City Royals.
Traded for RP Joakim Soria with the Detroit Tigers.
Traded for 1B/LF Michael Morse with the Los Angeles Dodgers, sending OF Jose Tabata.
Traded for SP J.A. Happ with the Seattle Mariners.

Chicago Cubs
Traded for SP Dan Haren with the Miami Marlins.
Traded for RP Tommy Hunter with the Baltimore Orioles, sending Junior Lake.

Cincinnati Reds
Traded SP Johnny Cueto to the Kansas City Royals for LHP Brandon Finnegan.
Traded SP Mike Leake to the San Francisco Giants.

Milwaukee Brewers
Traded CF Carlos Gomez and SP Mike Fiers to the Houston Astros for #39 prospect OF Brett Phillips and #88 prospect OF Domingo Santana.
Traded OF Gerardo Parra to the Baltimore Orioles.
Traded RP Jonathan Broxton to the St. Louis Cardinals.


One comment

  1. Howard Walls

    Pirates will be nothing more than a wild card team. Huntington has no balls to pull the trigger and get real players to come in and help the club. He settles for half assed players and thinks that will help. We want a World Series type of team not a half good and half bad news bears. This is to frustrating. Thinking that the team we had at the start of the season leading up to the deadline was good enough to be a title contender is to absurd. Bring back Aramis was a good move. However, all these other moves don’t really make any sense. We need a really good starting pitcher, didn’t get one. Need a better bat, did not get one. Huntington sucks! No Balls to help improve the team. See ya next February. One and done again. When will you do something?

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