Cards Sweep Cubs, Run Win Streak To Six

Jason Heyward is tearing it up in Matt Holliday's absence.

Jason Heyward is tearing it up in Matt Holliday’s absence.

The Chicago Cubs might look good on paper and may very well still turn out to be the team that runs the Central for the next decade, but for now they still remind me of that era in Michael Jordan‘s career when the Chicago Bulls couldn’t quite get past the Detroit Pistons. That team needed to learn how to get past the king of the mountain, as do the Cubs.

In Major League Baseball’s NL Central division, the St. Louis Cardinals are that king of the mountain. With a 51-24 record now, they have a .680 winning percentage and are the quickest team to 50 wins since the 2005 Chicago White Sox – a team that went on to win the World Series that year.

This weekend, they swept the Cubs in a 3-game series, pushing them what seems like an insurmountable 11.5 games back as we near the half-way point of the season.

Indeed, the post-season probability calculators now show the Cards with a 90.1% chance to win the division with the Pittsburgh Pirates at 5.1% and the Cubs at 4.8%. The Cincinnati Reds and Milwaukee Brewers are flat-lined.

Yes, there are Wild Card spots up for grabs, but it still seems odd to look at that when the calendar is still reading June. We’re getting close to focusing on that, however…

* * *


W L GB Strk
St. Louis Cardinals 51 24 W6
Pittsburgh Pirates 42 33 9.0 L1
Chicago Cubs 39 35 11.5 L5
Cincinnati Reds 34 40 16.5 L3
Milwaukee Brewers 29 48 23.0 W1

* * *


29-48 BREWERS Nelson (4-8, 4.34)
27-50 Phillies O’Sullivan (1-5, 5.34)
6:05 PM CT
40-35 Twins Pelfrey (5-4, 3.06)
34-40 REDS Leake (5-4, 3.91)
6:10 PM CT

* * *

National League Ranks

Batting Pitching
St. Louis 7th 1st
Pittsburgh 11th 3rd
Chicago 9th 5th
Cincinnati 10th 9th
Milwaukee 12th 13th

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