Memorial Day Hangover

The Cincinnati Reds are awful. And one of their few decent players might be hurt.

The Cincinnati Reds are awful. And one of their few decent players might be hurt.

A long weekend coupled with some things going on work this week means I’m a little delayed here in catching up with things.

But here’s what you missed since Friday…

The St. Louis Cardinals went 2-2, dropping 2 of 3 visiting the Kansas City Royals. That’s three straight series which the Cards have not won. Chinks in the armor? Since May 7th, they’re 8-9, although they’ve played some decent teams: Royals, Tigers, Mets, Pirates and Cubs. Also, check out the Leaders below – the Cards have 4 of the division’s top 5 hitters by batting average.

Fortunately for the Cards, the 2nd place Chicago Cubs had a 1-3 weekend, including losing a series on the West Coast against the Arizona Diamondbacks. The team is just 12-12 in May and has a tough stretch coming up here against the Nats, Royals and Tigers. The wheels could come off here.

Here come the Pittsburgh Pirates, winning four straight over the holiday weekend. A 3-game sweep at home over the New York Mets and then a win yesterday against the woeful Miami Marlins. They’ve moved up to just 6.5 games back and an upcoming schedule suggests they could move past the Cubs soon.

Oh, Cincinnati Reds. Loser of 9 straight after being swept in an intra-state series against the Cleveland Indians and then falling yesterday to the Colorado Rockies. This could make the Johnny Cueto sweepstakes interesting, as the team could decide to shed parts sooner rather than later. Oh wait, he had to skip a start and is also undergoing an MRI due to elbow stiffness. I’m also reading some interesting thoughts about getting rid of Aroldis Chapman and seeing him on a contender would be really interesting.

The Milwaukee Brewers went 1-3 and have a 3-game losing streak heading into tonight’s game against the San Francisco Giants.

* * *

NL Central Leaders

Matt Carpenter (STL) .325
Kolten Wong (STL) .323
Matt Holliday (STL) .317
Anthony Rizzo (CHC) .314
Jhonny Peralta (STL) .304
A.J. Burnett (PIT) 1.37
Michael Wacha (STL) 1.87
Gerrit Cole (PIT) 2.05
Jake Arrieta (CHC) 2.95
Jason Hammel (CHC) 2.98

* * *


W L GB Strk
St. Louis Cardinals 29 16 W2
Chicago Cubs 24 20 4.5 L2
Pittsburgh Pirates 22 22 6.5 W4
Cincinnati Reds 18 26 10.5 L9
Milwaukee Brewers 16 30 13.5 L3

* * *


18-28 Marlins Urena (0-0, 9.00)
18-20 PIRATES Locke (2-2, 5.28)
6:05 PM CT
27-18 Nationals Zimmerman (4-2, 3.52)
24-20 CUBS Hendricks (1-1, 4.14)
6:05 PM CT
18-25 Rockies De La Rosa, J (1-2, 6.51)
18-26 REDS Lorenzen (1-1, 3.79)
6:10 PM CT
26-20 Giants Bumgarner (5-2, 2.84)
16-30 BREWERS Garza (2-6, 5.71)
7:10 PM CT
21-23 Diamondbacks Bradley, A (2-1, 4.00)
29-16 CARDINALS Garcia, J (0-1, 2.57)
7:15 PM CT

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