Cubs Come Back (Again)

Well the Pirates and Cubs are winning games as they were expected to and the Reds are losing games as they were expected to, so everything is back to normal.

Less normal is the Brewers spoiling the Cardinals home opener yesterday, but full-on normalcy is overrated anyhow.

My regular 9-5 has me up at 3:30 AM for a special trip, so just a short post tonight.

Cubs win over the Reds 7-6 in a 10 inning comeback win. The Cubs have two guys touted for Rookie of the Year – one is still in the minors for maybe 6 more days and the other (Jorge Soler) had two homers. Watching the game I was wondering why Jumbo Diaz kept piping them down the middle and Soler made him pay. Alcantara later broke and 0-for the season stretch and got a walk off base hit through a drawn in infield with the bases loaded. 3rd straight win for the Cubs and 3rd straight loss for the Reds. The latter falls from 1st place and the former takes over. It’s early, people. Relax.

I also watched the Pirates home opener today as they handed the Detroit Tigers their first loss of the year. Gerrit Cole looked pretty filthy before running into trouble. Starling Marte continues to struggle for the Bucs. He has struck out in 54% of all plate appearances. Melancon had troubles to start the 9th (2B, 2B, HR) but finally got 3 outs to hand Pittsburgh a 1 run win.

Matt Garza and the Brew Crew took out Adam Wainwright and the St. Louis Cardinals, so maybe they are finding some life. Again, it’s early.

* * *

Fangraphs took a interesting look at the interplay between Billy Hamilton and Joey Votto through the 4-2 start to the Cincinnati Reds season.  Does Votto get more fastballs to hit with Hamilton on base?  Does Hamilton get better chances to steal with Votto’s skills at the plate?  You be the judge.

* * *

As stated, weird schedule today so I can’t post pitching match ups and standings tonight. Regular features will return Wednesday morning.

Have a great day, everybody.


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