Frazier homer lifts Reds

Todd Frazier's 3-run homer pushed the Reds past the Pirates on Opening Day 2015

Todd Frazier’s 3-run homer pushed the Reds past the Pirates on Opening Day 2015

I spent the day at home from work, as I often do for Opening Day. Just trying to cram as much baseball as possible into my brain.

In the end, I did stick with the NL Central games, which meant watching a Milwaukee Brewers team that I picked for last place in the division.

They sure didn’t disappoint, as Kyle Lohse was smacked around for 8 runs, allowing as many hits as outs – 10.

Adam Lind had three hits for the Brew Crew, but they were down 10-0 heading into the bottom of the 4th inning and things stayed that way.

It was tough to watch, as pretty much every thing off the bats of Colorado fell in for a single or split outfielders into a gap for a double.

In their 16-hit attack, half of those went for extra-bases: 8 doubles and a pair of homers.

To add insult to injury, Ryan Braun left the game with a rib cage injury and is due for an MRI today.

When your team’s most optimistic expectations are to win high-scoring games, but you get shutout on Opening Day and lose one of your sluggers to injury? It doesn’t bode well.

The better game of the day was Opening Day in Cincinnati, where the Reds topped the Pittsburgh Pirates 5-2 behind an 8th inning, tie-breaking homer by Todd Frazier.

Johnny Cueto picked up right where he left off in 2014, tossing 7 shutout innings allowing 4 hits and a walk and striking out 10.

But Kevin Gregg came on to pitch the 8th inning and did some things. Horrible things.

If you didn’t even realize that Gregg was on an MLB roster, that may explain why most folks don’t expect much from the Reds this season.

He faced four batters – retiring half of them. Unfortunately the last batter he faced was Andrew McCutchen.

Here’s a highlight reel of Cueto’s performance, well worth watching. You also get some nice fielding plays by Cueto, who is no slouch with the glove.

Thoughts Due Up

  1. I somehow forgot to mention it, but that strike zone on Opening Night was insane. And for both teams. It sort of felt as though the ump felt “You threw it 60 feet 6 inches? Good ’nuff! STEEEEEERIIIIIIIIKE!”
  2. Hearing about the bathroom situation at Wrigley Field made my stomach turn. Horrible. Hopefully they get that park fixed up sooner rather than later. I thought about bringing my kids there, as they are just now starting to show some interest in sports, but… no.
  3. Looking forward to Cubs/Cards tonight. But I really hate it when the MLB schedule-makers give the Cubs home games in that first week of the season; and night games to boot? That seems like lunacy.


1-0 St. Louis Lynn (0-0, -)
0-1 Chicago Arrieta (0-0, -)
7:05 PM CT
1-0 Colorado Lyles (0-0, -)
0-1 Milwaukee Garza, M (0-0, -)
7:10 PM CT


Cincinnati 1 0 W1 1-0
St. Louis 1 0 W1 1-0
Milwaukee 0 1 1 L1 0-0
Chicago 0 1 1 L1 0-1
Pittsburgh 0 1 1 L1 0-1

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