Opening Night 2015

Look, I’m just never going to come around on this whole Opening Night thing, even when it involves teams that I’m interested in.

Baseball always started the first Monday of April when I was a kid.

That’s how I remember it.

That’s how I like it.

I know it’s grumpy and “get off my lawn” stuff, but I’m standing by it.

That being said…


After months of single-digit wind chills, baseball is finally back.

And I’m not talking about the pointless, meaningless six weeks of Spring Training games.

I’m talking about players from the 25-man rosters collecting stats against other players from the 25-man rosters.

I’m talking about games where the final score actually plays a part in which team goes on to the World Series.

Let’s get this show going.

Thoughts Due Up

  1. Just how much is Wrigley Field going to be in shambles tonight?  The construction progress has been slow going so I imagine broadcasted views of the outfield will be quite jarring.
  2. New faces abound for the Chicago Cubs.  Jon Lester will be on the mound, fresh off of being Major League Baseball’s big-name off-season free agent signing.  He had a few setbacks mid-way though Spring Training and I’ve read he’ll be on a pitch count around 90 or so.  Will be interesting to see that play out tonight, especially in Wrigley on an early April night.  That lake effect wind chill can get pretty nasty.
  3. Speaking of starting pitchers who dealt with injuries this spring, there’s the guy pitching for the visiting club.  Adam Wainwright had some abdominal issues this off-season and, for that matter, some elbow issues during the latter half of the 2014 season.  How’s he going to respond tonight?


  0-0   St. Louis Cardinals   Wainwright (0-0, -)
  0-0   Chicago Cubs          Lester (0-0, -)

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