Predictions Roll in from SOE

Andrew McCutchen and Jason Heyward (3rd and 4th from L, respectively)

Andrew McCutchen and Jason Heyward (3rd and 4th from L, respectively)

Cardinals uber-fan Will Leitch has posted his predictions for both Central divisions and the Senior Circuit version plays out as follows…

1. St. Louis Cardinals (93-69)
2. Pittsburgh Pirates (90-72)
3. Chicago Cubs (88-74)
4. Milwaukee Brewers (79-83)
5. Cincinnati Reds (74-88)

Personally, I’m thinking the Cubs are being routinely hyped a little too much. I’m a little more cautious with them than most prognosticators seem to be. Somewhere between 82 and 85 wins feels about right to me.

Pirates are a real wild card to me. I can’t get a good feel on them. If they won 75 games, I wouldn’t be surprised. If they won 95, I also wouldn’t be surprised. There’s a pretty wide gap there.

Yes, I concede the Cardinals to be the best in the division. They always are, right?

The Brewers and Reds? I think they’ll be even worse.

Listening to some Brewers radio this week and routinely hearing positive things being said about them and it feels like a broken record. Last June I was heading about how great they were when it was pretty clear that they had one hot streak to open the season and nothing else – after the first two weeks of the season they consistently played below-.500 ball. There’s not much talent there and no prospects on the horizon.

It’s going to be bad, people.

Ditto for the Red Legs, who would probably do well to commit to a rebuild sooner rather than later and shed what little talent they have over there.

Anyhow, we have 9 more nights until Cardinals at Cubs and I can’t wait for it.

Read the whole thing here.


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