Leitch’s “Most Compelling NL Central Players”

nlcentralcompelling_6ftt6ov7_kqxd42t5St. Louis Cardinals Fanboy, Will Leitch, has a look at the NL Central’s Most Compelling Players over at Sports On Earth.

Hey, I’ll give him credit.  He did name two players from each team in his list of ten.

So either each team has compelling reasons to watch them, or Leitch was being purposefully balanced.

Either way, here’s his list:

Chicago Cubs: Javier Baez (“someday he’s going to hit the ball 600 feet”), Anthony Rizzo (“only 25, he took a major step forward last season, and not just in power: His average leapt up 53 points and he even struck out less… and also plays a mean first base”)

Cincinnati Reds: Jay Bruce (“every year is the year that Bruce is going to break out”), Joey Votto (“a healthy Joey Votto is one of the best players on the planet”)

Milwaukee Brewers: Carlos Gomez (“whether you like it or not, you can’t take your eyes off him”), Ryan Braun (“the Brewers and their fans want to be able to fully cheer for Braun again, and they’re going to need to”)

Pittsburgh Pirates: Gerrit Cole (“[he] is the first super Pirates prospect to arrive, and now he has to show he’s the best”), Andrew McCutchen (“you’re looking at a Hall of Famer, folks”)

St. Louis Cardinals: Matt Carpenter (“if you’re the sort of baseball fan who obsesses over every detail of every at-bat… then [he] should be your favorite player”), Jason Heyward (“fast, strong, athletic, has an impeccable batting eye and plays right field like the position was invented specifically for him”)

Read the whole she-bang over here.



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