Good Morning! for April 27

In yesterday’s only NL Central contest, the Reds carried a lead into the 9th inning, only to be undone when Sean Marshall served up a 3-run tater to Angel Pagan.  (Both ex-Cubs.)

Back to a full slate Friday…

BREWERS (9-10) @ CARDINALS (12-7)
7:15 PM CT

MIL Gallardo 1-1 3.65  0.2 3.64
STL Westbrook 2-1 1.31  0.4 3.81

Why You Might Watch This: There’s a good chance these are the two teams the rest of the division will be looking up at all season.

CUBS (6-13) @ Phillies (9-10)
6:05 PM CT

CHC Maholm 1-2 8.36  -0.2 4.75
PHI Halladay 3-1 1.50 0.8 3.95

Why You Might Watch This: Because when you get a chance to watch Roy Halladay throw, you should do so.

PIRATES (8-10) @ Braves (12-7)
6:35 PM CT

PIT Burnett 1-0 0.00 0.3 2.32
ATL Hanson 2-2 3.38  0.4 3.58

Why You Might Watch This: So far, so good for the A.J. Burnett relocation experiment.

  • Pedro Alvarez is starting to flourish.  In fact, since I posted this, he has 6-20 with 3 HR and 5 K, the latter of which is a marked improvement from 13 K in 26 PA before my snarky comments.  If that’s all it takes to light a fire under Pedro’s butt, I am willing to be hired full-time by the Pirates to bad-mouth their players.  You know where to find me.

ASTROS (7-12) @ REDS (9-10)
6:10 PM CT

HOU Rodriguez 1-2 1.42 0.8 3.84
CIN Leake 0-2 6.50 0.1 4.83

Why You Might Watch This: Wandy Rodriguez is off to a hot start, and the Reds could use this series to catapult themselves back into contention.

  • Speaking of hot starts, Jose Altuve is hitting .377 for the ‘stros thus far.  That .431 BABIP may have something to do with that, of course.  (His career BABIP is .337.)

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