Good Morning! for April 25

Adam Wainwright finally had a nice outing last night.  I watched most of the Cardinals/Cubs game last night and his stuff definitely looked more consistent.  The numbers back that up.  In the prior 2 starts, he had a combined 11 ground balls to 19 fly balls.  He had also swing&miss/looking strikes on 17.1% of all pitches.  Last night he went to 10 ground balls to 6 fly balls and “good strikes”, if you will, on 25.8% of all pitches.  A big improvement.  If it weren’t for a questionable call at the plate, he might have left the game with zero earned runs allowed instead of one over 6 innings of work.

David DeJesus was called safe, tagging up on a 1st inning sac fly out to Carlos Beltran in right field.  On the best angles of the replay, I still wasn’t sure.  It appeared that Yadier Molina’s tag might have missed DeJesus, but Double D also missed tagging the plate.  The ump called safe immediately, Yadier bounced up to argue, and DeJesus headed back to the dugout.  I think he stepped on the plate on his way back, so I guess you could say that safe was the right call.  Eventually.

Elsewhere, it was a great day for NL Central teams, with the Pirates and Reds each winning their games outside the division.  Mat Latos put up his first good start for the latter, going 7 shutout innings for the win.  For the Bucs, Andrew McCutchen picked up 3 RBI and Pittsburgh scored 4 runs off of a Colorado bullpen.

The Brewers pounded the Astros 9-5 behind four homers.

Outside of the world of the NL Central, things are heating up in the Roger Clemens trial.  And as more details come forward, one thing is becoming more and more clear to me:  I totally don’t give a shit.

Your previews…

CARDINALS (11-7) @ CUBS (6-12)
1:20 PM CT

STL Lynn 3-0 1.42 0.4 3.01
CHI Volstad 0-2 6.19 0.4 3.67

Why You Might Watch This: Because of Lynnsanity!  Oh God, I hate myself…

Giants (9-8) @ REDS (8-9)
6:10 PM CT

SF Zito 1-0 1.71 0.2 4.65
CIN Arroyo 1-0 2.91 0.6 3.94

Why You Might Watch This: Small sample size, yes, but still pits two pitchers who are off to good starts this season.

Rockies (8-8) @ PIRATES (7-9)
11:35 AM CT

COL Nicasio 1-0 6.19 0.1 4.36
PIT McDonald 0-1 3.45 0.1 5.51

Why You Might Watch This: Andrew McCutchen.

ASTROS (6-12) @ BREWERS (9-9)
12:10 PM CT

HOU Happ 1-1 4.00 0.2 3.84
MIL Marcum 1-1 3.79 0.2 3.57

Why You Might Watch This: The Brew Crew is heating up, with 3 wins in their last 4 games.


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