Good Morning! for April 24

Watched a bit of Cubs/Cardinals last night.  Joe Mather came through with the game-winning, two-run single in the bottom of the 9th for a 2-1 Cubs win, but give credit to Bryan LaHair, who had a 12-pitch at bat against closer Jason Motte.  By the time he faced Mather, Motte – who seems to pretty much know only one speed (balls to the wall) – seemed spent.  This is a perfect illustration of why nobody should pay attention to the GWRBI statistic.

I’m being sarcastic, of course, but does anybody remember when baseball cards actually used to post GWRBI as one of the stats?  Is it so far-fetched that we may one day see VORP on there?

Your previews…

Rockies (8-7) @ PIRATES (6-9)
6:05 PM CT

COL Moyer 1-2 2.55  0.1 4.85
PIT Correia 1-0 1.50  0.3 3.59

Why You Might Watch This: Because there is only one more season of Jamie Moyer left!  Take it all in while you still can!

CARDINALS (11-6) @ CUBS (5-12)
7:05 PM CT

STL Wainwright 0-3 9.88 -0.3 3.28
CHI Samardzija 2-1 5.71 0.4 3.71

Why You Might Watch This: It’s MLB’s “feel good” rivalry.  Did you know that, in a tradition dating back to 1904, the two teams meet for tea and crumpets after the game?

ASTROS (6-11) @ BREWERS (8-9)
7:10 PM CT

HOU Norris 1-0 4.26 0.2 3.88
MIL Wolf 0-2 8.80  -0.2  4.76

Why You Might Watch This: Divisional match with the Brewers having a shot to be only the 2nd team in the division with a .500 record or better.  We all knew this division had lost a lot of talent, but this is ridiculous!

Giants (9-7) @ REDS (7-9)
6:10 PM CT

SF Cain 1-0 1.88  0.6 3.27
CIN Latos 0-2 8.22  0.0 4.86

Why You Might Watch This: Matt Cain is on the bump for the Giants.  He’s coming off one of the better pitching duels in recent MLB history.  I’m interested in seeing how he fares coming off of consecutive 9-inning efforts.


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