Good Morning! for April 20

First, what you may have missed yesterday.

The biggest news story, I suppose, is the third straight bad outing to start the season for the Cards’ Adam Wainwright.

6:05 PM CT

STL Lynn 2-0 1.50 0.5 4.11
PIT Morton 0-0 5.40  -0.2 3.24

Why You Might Watch This: Because Lance Lynn has been pretty awesome so far.  For that matter, so have the Cards in general.

Rockies (6-6) @ BREWERS (6-7)
7:10 PM CT

COL Chacin 0-1 5.62 0.5 2.85
MIL Marcum 1-1 3.46 0.1 3.85

Why You Might Watch This: The Brewers are coming off of a series victory against the Dodgers and might be heating up.

Dodgers (10-3) @ ASTROS (5-8)
7:05 PM CT

LAD Lilly 1-0 0.00 0.2 3.96
HOU Happp 1-0 3.75  0.4 2.50

Why You Might Watch This: To see Matt Kemp put one up on the tracks.

REDS (5-8) @ CUBS (3-10)
1:20 PM CT

CIN Bailey 0-2 5.40  0.1 2.78
CHC Volstad 0-1 4.91  -0.1 4.42

Why You Might Watch This: The Cubs are simply unwatchable right now, and when I watch Chris Volstad pitch, I see somebody who seems detached from his job.  I guess you can watch to see if Chapman gets into the game.  Turn this on in the 7th inning or so.


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