Good Morning! for April 18

It’s only April 18th, and I’m starting to feel like this division is wrapped up already…

There were a few interesting takeaways from last night’s games.  The Dodgers finally played a team that was considered at least “decent” in the form of the Brewers and, sure enough, lost.  The Cardinals continue to build up a sizable early lead on one of the top picks for the division title, besting the Reds again, although just barely.

Dodgers (9-2) @ BREWERS (5-6)
7:10 PM CT

LA Capuano 1-0 5.40 0.1 3.73
MIL Greinke 1-1 6.75 0.5 1.89

Why You Might Watch This: The Dodgers may have entered this series playing .900 ball, but this is their first series against a quality team.

  • In what seems to be a daily post, another Brewers’ pitching prospect had a nice day yesterday.  This time it was Tyler Thornburg.

REDS (4-7) @ CARDINALS (8-3)
7:15 PM CT

CIN Latos 0-1 5.59 0.0 5.31
STL Garcia 1-0 4.22 0.3 4.30

Why You Might Watch This: It’s the only divisional match-up today, and the Reds have to right this ship soon.

ASTROS (4-7) @ Nationals (9-3)
6:05 PM CT

HOU Harrell 1-0 3.27 0.2 3.70
WAS Zimmerman 0-1 1.29 0.4 3.68

Why You Might Watch This: The Nats might be the best team in the National League right now once you account for schedule strength.  And, getting on base at nearly a .400 clip, Houston is staying in games.

CUBS (3-8) @ Marlins (5-6)
6:10 PM CT

CHI Garza 1-0 1.23 0.4 2.76
MIA Buehrle 0-2 3.65 0.0 4.23

Why You Might Watch This: The Marlins are improving now that they are playing teams like the Cubs instead of the Cardinals.

PIRATES (4-7) @ Diamondbacks (7-4)
2:40 PM CT

PIT McDonald 0-1 3.86 0.0 5.76
ARI Hudson 1-0 8.71 -0.3 4.70

Why You Might Watch This: I’m having trouble coming up with any reason unless you are convinced that the D-Backs are a strong team.  (I’m still not.)


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