Good Morning! for April 17

I’ve decided to start ordering these game previews not in ascending order of game time, but rather in order of my patented*”Why You Should Care” scale.  Really it’s more based on what I would watch if I had my choice of watching any of these games.  It’s entirely subjective.  And if you don’t like it, make your own list.

* not actually patented

The Brewers aren’t playing particularly well right now, of course, but it will be an interesting match-up for the Dodgers who have yet to play a good team this year.  (With apologies to the Pirates and Padres.)  Is their 9-1 start an aberration?  We’ll need a month or two to figure that out.  For that matter, are the Brewers better than their 4-6 mark?

In other news, I can’t believe we’ re around to the 3rd start for some pitchers.  The season grows up so fast…

REDS (4-6) @ CARDINALS (7-3)
7:15 PM CT

CIN Cueto 1-0 2.25 0.2 4.02
STL Lohse 2-0 1.35 0.3 4.54

Why You Might Watch This: Because it’s a divisional match-up, that’s why.

Dodgers (9-1) @ BREWERS (4-6)
7:10 PM CT

LA Billingley 2-0 0.63 0.5 2.11
MIL Gallardo 1-1 5.91 -0.3 4.91

Why You Might Watch This: Because maybe the Dodgers aren’t this good and the Brewers aren’t this bad.

ASTROS (4-6) @ Nationals (8-3)
6:05 PM CT

HOU Rodriguez 0-1 2.38 0.3 4.15
WAS Gonzalez 0-0 3.38 0.5 2.58

Why You Might Watch This: Not a bad pitching match-up.  And, so far anyways, the Nats have been a pretty fun team to watch.

CUBS (3-7) @ Marlins (4-6)
6:10 PM CT

CHI Dempster 0-1 1.88 0.3 3.40
MIA Johnson 0-2 8.38 0.2 4.02

Why You Might Watch This: To see if Ryan Dempster can finally pick up a win that he deserves.  Also, to see if Josh Johnson’s arm falls off.

PIRATES (3-7) @ Diamondbacks (7-3)
8:40 PM CT

PIT Karstens 0-1 3.27 0.3 4.76
ARI Kennedy 2-0 2.84 0.4 3.32

Why You Might Watch This: Because you’re having trouble falling asleep.


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