Good Morning! for April 16

A short schedule Monday…  NL Central Watchers get to see the Nats’ Stephen Strasburg.  Is it just me, or have the Nats played only NL Central teams so far?  Sure feels that way.  The Pirates’ long losing streak ended yesterday, but go right into another series with an opponent who is playing well.  And the other four teams are sitting on their duffs.

ASTROS (4-5) @ Nationals (7-3)
6:05 PM CT

HOU Weiland 0-1 7.20 -0.1 3.79
WAS Strasburg 1-0 0.69 0.5 2.95

PIRATES (3-6) @ Diamondbacks (6-3)
8:40 PM CT

PIT Bedard 0-2 2.25 0.4 4.15
ARI Saunders 0-0 0.00 0.2 4.44


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