Good Morning! for April 12

It’s Thursday, so we get the short schedule today.  Brewers/Cubs wrap up a 4-game set while the Pirates try to solve the Dodgers.  Meanwhile, the Cards prepare for their home opener – a third straight divisional series (with the Cubs).  And the Reds take a day off after avoiding a sweep at the hands of the Cards.

REDS (3-3) @ Nationals (4-2)
12:05 PM CT

CIN Latos 0-1 7.71 0.0 4.03
WAS Gonzalez 0-0 9.82 0.1 3.72

My doubts about Gio Gonzalez are well-documented (not really, but they’re out there in the Cybersphere somewhere – just look), but I was going to write something equally snarks about Latos and my doubts about his abilities in Cincinnati now that he is no longer working out of the pitcher-friendly haven of San Diego.  However, I just looked at his career home/away splits and, I gotta’ say, they’re eerily steady.  So now I’m going to shut up and just keep an interested eye on him and see how this progresses.

BREWERS (4-2) @ CUBS (1-5)
1:20 PM CT

MIL Greinke 1-0 0.00 0.4 0.91
CHI Garza 0-0 3.00 0.1 3.07

PIRATES (2-3) @ Dodgers (5-1)
9:10 PM CT

PIT Kartens 0-0 1.50 0.2 4.97
LA Capuano 0-0 7.71 0.0 6.50


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