Phillips with Reds through 2017

Brandon Phillips signed a 6-year deal worth $72.5 million.  Not bad work…

Between 2009 and ’11, Phillips was a 13.6 WAR player (according to, ranking 6th among qualifying second baseman.  And you can debate whether or not the #1 player on that list should or shouldn’t be considered a full-time 2B.

  1. Ben Zobrist (Rays) – 19.2
  2. Chase Utley (Phillies) – 17.6
  3. Robinson Cano (Yankees) – 16.4
  4. Dustin Pedroia (Red Sox) – 16.2
  5. Ian Kinsler (Rangers) – 15.8
  6. Brandon Phillips (Reds) – 13.6
  7. Rickie Weeks (Brewers) – 11.6

Utley once looked like he was headed towards a Hall of Fame career.  But injuries have taken their toll.  Remove him from this list and you’ll note Phillips is tops among National League second basemen.

He’s also a consistent 1- or 2-rated second baseman is Strat-o-Matic, which is important to some of us nerds.


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