Good Morning! for April 7

Nationals (1-0) @ CUBS (0-1)
12:05 PM CT
Gio Gonzalez makes his debut for the Nats, going up against Matt Garza.  I could be wrong (it’s happened once or twice) , but I really think Gio is going to be a bust for this team.  I’m not sure how a guy who is walking 4.1 per 9 innings can survive outside of Oakland, where the park favors pitching.  On the other hand, he’s moving from a team that was below average defensively to one that’s slightly above average, so maybe he pulls it out.  Still, I’d have to like the Cubs’ chances against Gio in their small park.  On the other hand, if the Cubs are as undisciplined (1 walk) as they were on Opening Day, then they won’t really be able to exploit Gio’s weakness.  Oh man, I could go back and forth with myself all day…

  • Gordon Wittenmeyer opines on the Cubs’ chances of keeping Matt Garza rather than dealing him.

3:05 PM CT
The Cards are just 160 wins away from a perfect season, which I’m pretty sure has never been done before.  Adam Wainwright makes his first start since 2010, when he went 20-11 with a 2.42 ERA.  Wainwright posted ERA+ marks of 155 and 160 in 2009 and ’10, respectively, finishing 3rd and 2nd in Cy Young voting.  Translation: he’s really good.

Rockies (1-0) @ ASTROS (0-1)
6:05 PM CT
If this game was being televised in my neck of the woods, it would probably mark the only time all season I would willingly watch an Astros game.  Why?  Because 49-year old Jamie Moyer is starting for the Rox.  That’s why.

  • Some of these Astros’ “highlights” from last night look less than college level.

Phillies (1-0) @ PIRATES (0-1)
6:05 PM CT
Things don’t get any easier for the Bucs, as they face Cliff Lee tonight.


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