Game Previews for April 5

It’s finally Opening Day!  Hallelujah!  (Mistake: I just lost the atheist and agnostic demographics.)

Phillies (0-0) @ PIRATES (0-0)
Roy Halladay gets the start against Erik Bedard.  Tough opening draw for Pittsburgh who has a pretty tough schedule to start the season.

Nationals (0-0) @ CUBS (0-0)
Stephen Strasburg makes his first ever Opening Day start, going up against the Cubs’ Ryan Dempster whose Harry Caray impersonation needs to be called out for what it is – an impersonation of Will Farrell’s (bad) impersonation of Harry.  Impersonations of bad impersonations?  Fail.

Marlins (0-1) @ REDS (0-0)
Very interested to see how Johnny Cueto will do in his Opening Day start.  The Fish were largely punchless last night.  (Although that first game left me wondering if anybody will hit a homer in that new park…)  Let’s see how the bats fare after making a trip up to Cincinnati for an afternoon game.


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